Real World React

 Onsite Training  for your Engineers

There’s more to learning a new technology than just reading from the docs or watching video tutorials. You don’t just want to learn fast -- you want to learn the best practices, tips, and context that only comes from years of experience building with and teaching the technologies you want to learn.

Comprehensive Training

_00 Comprehensive Training

Concise lessons to teach you in hours what it took us years to master. Get your entire team on the same page to be as productive in your new stack as quickly as possible.

01 Best Practices

_01 Best Practices

Why tredge through the jungle when a path has already been laid out? We’ll show you what years of experience working with these technologies has taught us.

02 Real-world Scenarios

_02 Real-world Scenarios

No more “hello world” examples. We’ll show you how these technologies work in the context of a real-world application.

03 Professional Instructors

_03 Professional Instructors

Our instructors build with the technologies they teach every day. They’ve been teaching professional engineers for years.

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Fig. 1 – Engineers we've trained
Expert consultants and trainers
Swizec is a prolific developer, blogger, vlogger, author, speaker and instructor. He has been coding since 9 years old and works with React full time as the front-end lead for a startup in San Francisco.